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Ramen Oh, which means The King of Ramen in english, is a Japanese restaurant situated in the bustling streets of Katipunan Avenue. Only a month old, Ramen Oh is not your typical Japanese restaurant as it has a lot of things to offer.

Being someone who grew up eating Japanese cuisine, I think I am a bit of a "Japanese food expert" which made me very excited to try out the newest restaurant in Katip.

As we choose our meal in their menu, we were offered a cold iced tea and hot tea. Bottomless iced tea is only Php45.00 while the hot tea is FREE!

To start off, we had Gyoza (Php79.00) which is basically a pan-fried Japanese dumpling filled with ground pork, onion leeks, garlic, ginger, which are all mixed with sake, soy sauce, and sesame oil to marry all the flavors together.

What I particularly like about Ramen Oh's gyoza is that it is cooked just right. Unlike others, this gyoza is not too greasy which just right for my liking as an appetizer meal.

Another appetizer meal we had was the tofu steak. Priced at Php99.00, this breaded tofu with ground pork and shiitake mushroom has won my heart as soon as I have tasted it! The tofu is cooked just right, fried perfectly as so it is not too greasy, and the toppings compliments it well which makes this dish a great appetizer meal as well.

Choosing between the two (2) appetizers we've had, I would go for the tofu steak. But don't get me wrong, gyozas are my favorite as well.

For my ramen selection, I opted for the master's mix which consists of an egg, beef strips, green leeks, black pepper, with a base of shoyu soup. The leeks very much contradict the beef flavor as it helps marry all the flavors together. What I liked most about this ramen is that even though beef is its main ingredient, it is not too greasy. This comes in two (2) sizes, buddy (photo shown above) goes for Php99.00 while supera costs Php190.00.

For my rice meal, I chose the chicken katsudon which is basically a breaded chicken with egg, onions, pepper, and sweet soy. The pepper, I think, plays a great role in this dish, as it contradicts the sweetness that the sweet soy brings. The rice that comes with it, I believe, is japonica rice which makes this dish extra special. As the sweet soy goes down and mixes its flavor with the rice, it all goes well and delicious inside your mouth as you chew each element in this dish.

This is priced at Php145.00 only.


> I cannot stress enough how affordable their meals are! For such a delicious and hefty amount of meal, the pricing on their meals are worth it.
> Customer service is superb! The staff are very friendly, accommodating, and is always ready to provide your needs.
Ambiance is perfect may it be for the whole barkada or for the family, this restaurant lives up to the expectations of their customers in terms of the whole look/theme of their restaurant.
Location is great! Being a few steps away from the Loyola schools, namely my alma mater Miriam College and Ateneo de Manila University, it is good that this is accessible both by big and small vehicles.


> They need more signs as so their customers can easily spot their restaurant. As per the head chef, they already got a permit to post a sign in the main road of Katipunan which is good news already.
> This is not really a negative point but more of an "improvement comment". I honestly feel that this restaurant will be successful in the next coming months which means they would be needing to move to a bigger space. I can't wait until they transfer to their next location some time May 2013, which is just basically beside it (since the space beside them is bigger).


All in all, I give this restaurant a 5-star rating (under the category of fast casual)! At first, I was honestly a bit iffy thinking what their price range for food was, but seeing their menu, I was really shocked to see that their meals are very affordable! The food is great, and I cannot stress that enough in this post (which means you all NEED to try it for yourselves). Lastly, being a family person and a college student, the overall ambiance and location of this restaurant is great!

Will I come back to try out more of their food offerings? Definitely YES!


A 180degrees video covering the whole restaurant will be up in my Youtube channel soon

Minimalist and very zen-like wall decor

SEGUE: Pop Shakes will be their "sister-company" that will open some time February-March, offering milk teas and yummy dessert food! So after eating at Ramen Oh, transfer to Pop Shakes for your sweet cravings!

The very friendly ate (whom I should have asked the name of) who was assigned to serve our table. She's very friendly, even my daughter enjoyed playing a little peek-a-boo with her!

With the accommodating and bubbly Chef Sonny, their head chef!

Thank you so much for having me Jeremy, Ms. Kym, and Chef Sonny! This will definitely not be the last time that I will be eating at RA MEN OH!

DISCLAIMER: I am not, in any way, affiliated with RA MEN OH. This review were from my own words and is 100% unbiased. For questions on how I do my reviews, please refer to my PRIVACY POLICY.

2F J & R Concon Centre,
91 R. Alvero St., Loyola Heights,
Quezon City (behind Shakey's Katipunan) 
Mon - Sat: 11:00 am - 9:00 pm 
Twitter: @RA_MEN_OH


The meal looks very delicious and appetizing. I am mouth watering in awe. I would love to try their meals when I get to visit the Manila Philippines soon. The ambiance is very nice too. Great review and photos. Thanks for sharing!

wow very affordable dear! also the foods looks very yummy! felt hungry and craved after seeing the gyosa and katsudon!! xx

@ANGELA: yes dear, indeed very delicious! i will definitely bring you there when you come home from Italy!

@MARY JANE: thanks for dropping by!

Wow! The menu is quite impressive and inexpensive. I will check it out when I visit Katipunan ; )


5 points? na-curious ako ah. hope to visit soon :)

@I AM TIN: yes! i do not usually give a perfect 5 but considering the price, taste, plating, and how much food we have in our plate, the husband, my daughter, and i definitely enjoyed which is the reason why i gave them a perfect 5!

WOW! prices are amazingly affordable!
I'll definitely include this on my list of restaurants I would try when I go on a vacation in the Philippines! great review <3

I am feelin' a little sick right now and I so, so wish i can have a bowl of ramen. Their prices really is affordable and that's a thoroughly good thing for people stay away from Japanese cuisine because they find it expensive.

Nice! I was actually relieved to see that the prices are very affordable :)

wow! the foods are not that pricey. Iwish I could try it too! their Dumplings! nooom! now I'm craving for dumpling -_-


Wow very affordable ha :) Sounds like a nice place to food trip one time. Thanks for sharing :)

You got me craving for some ramen right now. A bowl of steaming hot noodles with shrimp balls and bok choi pls!! :)

Another ramen place. But this one's affordable, I'm sure a lot of students from the nearby school will troop this place.

Hindi ako mahilig sa Japanese food. :S Pero mukhang masarap ung last pic ng food. :D Tska afforable pa price. :)

It looks really yummy nga and it's affordable pa...looks like a good place to eat. Di lang kasi ako gaano mahilig sa Jap food so I can't really say what's good and what's not. Haha.

I've eaten in Ramen Oh and I have to disagree with the "5 star" rating. Perhaps in terms of value for money, but that's about it. The ambience and food quality of the place is exactly what you get for the restaurant's price range. Well, it's a little cramped but I guess what's important is that it's clean. As for the food, I instantly noticed the noodles they used because they were similar to the ones used in pancit canton. Their ramen bears no comparison with those in Ajisen Ramen (Northeast square, connecticut greenhills), my personal favorite Shinjuku Ramen (Makati avenue) and from what I've heard ukokei ramen (Makati). Though I would recommend this over Roku and Kamirori for any student looking for a bowl of soup and noodles (just as I was). For less than 100 pesos, that's hard to beat.

For your future food posts, you may want to rate the restaurants in terms of different criteria (i.e. service, ambience, value for money). If this deserves a 5 star, I can only wonder how high-end restaurants would be rated.

@MARIE: thank you for the time to getting that comment posted. if you have read on the upper part of my post, i did make a short breakdown on the different criterion that you have mentioned in your comment.

as per speaking to the owner, and if you have read my post also, is that they will be moving to a much bigger space come april-may 2013. this is just their soft opening and they are still testing the market.

but thank you for the time to getting this comment posted. as for the rating, i have my categories for the different restaurants that i review.

I cannot believe how affordable they are! I have to look online for inexpensive Japanese restos here, and they pretty much range from $10! (which is already expensive for me for just a fried dumpling!) But really, the food looks really good! now I'm craving for some.. :)

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