Friday, February 15, 2013

According to iPhone: Valentine's Date

I hope you all had a wonderful Valentine's day! As for me, I am still in food coma after munching out on lechon and other scrumptious Filipino dishes that Kamay Kainan (West Ave.) has to offer. I will do a separate restaurant review on them but for now, here's what Valentine's day was to me according to my iPhone.

For my first plate, I chose pork tonkatsu and pata tim as my starters.

The pata tim was so good I had to come back and get some more! I also took a serving spoonful of paksiw na lechon.

For my last plate, I finished it off with deep fried shimps paired with a hot bowl of papaitan.

For dessert, I actually went back twice and got the same thing. I had ginataan bilo-bilo (sticky rice balls) and ube (purple yam) bread.


yumyum the paksiw n lechon!! ng dahil jan i will make some bilobilo din haha craving for that one now! xx

I'm suddenly hungry. Happy Valentine's Day! :)

You got me at lechon! That's one yummy meal you have right there. Belated happy vday! :)

Nice! I wanna eat what you had on that day :)))) Happy Vday by the way <3

I wonder, is Kamay Kainan sisters with Kamayan? I used to see Kamayan restaurant along Santillan St. in Makati. They already closed the resto. Not sure kung saan na napunta! :/

Hehehe sis, I only went back twice for rice. The rest were for the viand (ulam) :)))

@MRS. KOLKA: no sis, Kamayan is owned by Dad's. Kamay Kainan is owned by a couple (whom I forgot the name). Different owners :)

would like to suggest yoogane, a good place to dine-in, do visit them and hope you can make a review of it :D

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